Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Blog World

I have taught for 10 years in Mexico and 3 years in Brazil. I am THRILLED that I will be starting my first job in the good ole USA on August 1! I took a two year hiatus from teaching as I adjusted back to life in the USA. Now that I am heading back to the classroom I have been scouring the web for new ideas and have discovered the wonderful world of teaching blogs! I am quickly becoming a Teaching Blog Addict!

I look forward to sharing how I am growing as a third grade teacher, what I am learning, the cool things I learn from other teachers, and the excitement of my students.

Feliz Dia a todos! 



  1. Hi Carmen! I'm also a third grade teacher in Kansas (Topeka, to be exact). I'm actually writing this from cool that you've lived here! My husband is volunteering here this summer and brushing up on his Portuguese and I'm along for the ride. welcome to blogging!


  2. That is SO very cool that you are in Brazil and that you are from Kansas! It is one thing I learned living overseas is HOW SMALL THE WORLD IS!
    Where are you in Brazil? I think Rio is one of the most amazing cities in the world! I love it so very much! If you happen to be in Rio or will visit you MUST I REPEAT YOU MUST go to the restaurant ZAZA.... OH MY GOODNESS... and you MUST ask to eat upstairs! favorite restaurant in the entire world!

    On another note... so great to meet another third grade teacher! Maybe we can do something as a class together this year! I WOULD LOVE tHAT!
    Have a wonderful trip! ....summer will be over soon!

  3. How exciting! Good luck next year. :)