Sunday, January 1, 2012

How I Spent My Winter Vacation Linky Party

Dear Friends, I know, I know, I have not been so great about this bloggy thing! BUT I hope to start figuring it all out! I had a simply WONDERFUL first semester in third grade and right now I am suppose to be writing up my progress reports which are due on TUESDAY at 3:30 pm! (Oh well, they will get done...right?) 

 The Clutter Free Classroom is having a linky party on "How you spent your winter break." I debated whether I should join in or not, but I decided..that YES...I wanted to join in! 

 My Winter Break was a little different than most. I had BIG BIG plans for one of my former students was getting married! I was so excited to fly to MEXICO for the wedding! I lived in Mexico for 10 years and pretty much taught Kim that entire time! When she was in High School, studying in France for a year, her parents asked if I would back pack with her during Winter Break..all expenses paid... UMMMM YES! So Kim and I traveled to London, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and just had a wonderful time! I was so looking forward to her wedding! ONE WEEK in my beloved Mexico. 

 Well I started to fill a little restless about my trip. The reason being is that my brother and his wife had a baby at the end of October and Tiny Tucker was having a rough go of it. He came 5 weeks early, and had his good days and bad days. He had come off a great week!
I decided to cancel my trip to Mexico and go spend some time in Arkansas with my brother and sister in law and Tiny Tucker. My mom and dad decided to go as well. We arrived on Christmas evening. SO.MUCH.FUN to be able to be there with my family!

 We went to Children's Hospital on Monday and I got to be Aunt Carmen, although I was not able to hold little Tucker. I got to touch him, he wrapped his tiny, tiny hand around my finger. Poor little Tucker was just not doing so well. The nurse, who has been working with Tucker, told my brother that things were not looking so well. 

 Tuesday morning everyone was at the hospital, let me just take a minute to say how amazing the NICU section of this hospital is...the doctors let them know that Tucker is letting mom and dad know that he has had enough. 

Wednesday afternoon, Tucker was transfered to a private room, where the took him off all of his meds, but left him on the vent, and my brother and sister-in-law were able to spend almost 4 hours holding him, where grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends were able to come and say good-bye. The time had come and he was taken off the vent, he passed away with in a couple of minutes. Tim and Kim where able to bathe Tucker, memorize every part of him WITHOUT the machines, tubes, cords, etc...and then we all got to say our last good-bye. Tiny Tucker we know you are in heaven! I love you- Auntie Carmen

So now I am back at home, trying to get ready for school, trying to write out my progress reports (HA!), and trying to understand why? oh why? this happened. I know that there is a reason for everything, and I am going to rest in the fact that Tiny Tucker is in NO MORE PAIN and that I am sure he is up in heaven dancing and singing and hopefully enjoying a Sonic Drink!