Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dive Into Science

I am very excited about a new IDEA that is in the works at my school! Last April several of us were talking around the lunch table (some of the BEST conversations happens there!) and we thought it would be a good idea to have a school-wide theme to use for the 2012-2013 school year. We brainstormed about field trips we could take, guest speakers we could bring in, and as well what we could do at school. We decided on the theme: 


I have been doing some research on school-wide themes. I came across this great descriptor paragraph from a school in California.  "Each year a school-wide learning theme is chosen.  This theme is like a thread that connects learning throughout the school all year long.  Each grade level takes a part of the theme to develop.  Throughout the academic year, each grade level presents their learning to the entire school.  They may create and present a play, a musical production, learning stations manned by students, or they may invite an artist in residence to help them present their theme."   What I love about this description is that it is not just about what the teachers/principal sees the theme as, but that the students have a role in it as they are developing their learning to the school. 

I am looking forward to the planning and the grant writing (haha!) for this project to happen! 

Do anyone of you have a school-wide theme? Is it a committee that pulls resources together? How does it work at your school? 

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  1. My school has had a theme each of the ten years I have taught. The first year the school was open the principal chose but after that the faculty nominated choices and then voted. We have had some great ideas. It's really nice to have a unified theme, at least I like it.

    :) Nicole
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