Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One Word for 2013

Have you heard about the ONE WORD campaign? The idea is that you pick one word to guide you during this new year. The idea is that you should focus on being rather than doing. Think of a word that inspires you to live, not focus on what you should be doing (such as new years resolutions). 

There are several sites out there with ideas on words and how to find YOUR word, but the best post I found was this one from


I have thought a lot about what my word will be for 2013. 

 My word for 2013 is  "Gezellig" 

But wait...that is not English? I love travel, I love langagues, so it really is no suprise to me that I would pick a non English word! 

Now what does it mean? 

I have been following an adoption blog of a dear gal named, Jillian Burden for the past several months. She talked about this special word in one of her posts after they recently brought home their little boy from Russia. 

Here is what she wrote...

Settling in

There's a word my Dutch descended family uses frequently: gezelligheid. It's a word that doesn't really have an English translation.  It's a word that encompasses everything cozy and peaceful.  It's a word that envokes hospitality and making your company feel at ease.

As a child my mom would set out our afternoon tea on the weekends with cake or cookies and call to my dad and the kids, "Come be gezellig with me!"  In the footsteps of his mother before him, my dad would turn on classical music and we would sit around the coffee table, cozy on our couches, dipping our cookies into our tea cups and sharing stories together.

Gezellig is the warmth of a fire in winter, sharing a blanket with a friend on the couch, and wrapping your fingers around a hot coffee.  Being gezellig was the ever sought after goal of my parents and all their friends during my childhood.  

You can read more at Jillian's web site

I first read this blog post on December 1 and this word has just been in my head and in my heart. I was blessed to able to host family Christmas this year and what was my goal for the time? I wanted my family to "gezellig" throughout the weekend! I wanted to make sure that everyone had what they needed, and didn't even know they needed, I wanted that comfort, peace, love to shine through the Christmas lights! 

So as I look to 2013 I want to live out this word in all I do! In my relationships with my family, with my co-workers, with my lovely third graders, with any foster kids that come into my home, and most importanly with my realtionship with Jesus. 
Ideas already floating through my head and I know some things that I for surely want to do! 
1) My BFF, Suzanne, and I are going to invite one woman each month to share her story with us. We will host it at my house with tea, coffee, and simple treats. It will really be up to the guest on what she wants to share with us, but one question I will ask each person that comes is what gezeling mean to them or maybe looks like to them. 
2) I am single and Valentine's day is a hard time some years and other years not so hard. I lived in Mexico for ten years and I LOVED celebrating Valentine's Day there, as it was about amistad (friendship!). I am thinking about doing a valentine's day dinner for some people, that I don't usually interact with, but I know this day is a bit hard on them. 
3) I recently received my license to be a Foster Care mom in the state of Kansas. Hopefully next year for Christmas I will have a foster kiddo or two with me. I have several advent activities I want to do, including having a speical family activity to do each day during the advent season. I want to take the time this year to get that all ready, so that December 2013 does come and go without "gezeling" not be part of it. 
Those are my ideas right now.  I just started a Pinterest Board to help me with ideas that I find!
Are you picking a WORD for 2013? I would love to hear about it! 

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