Monday, January 14, 2013

Show and Tell-Winter Edition

I am linking up with Sunny Days in Second Grade for her weekly Show & Tell Tuesday party!
As soon as I saw that this week's theme is WINTER EDITION I knew what I wanted to share with you all!

I love this Inference Investigation product from Babbling Abby
Students investigated the "Snow Day Case Files" by sorting through evidence to decide what the main character did during his SNOW DAY. Students were broken up into teams of detectives and given a different case file with SOME of the evidence! They worked together to determine what that evidence meant. In one of the case files there was a packet of ketchup from McDonald's, a print out of movie times with the 4:15 pm time circled, and a Highlights magazine. Students then filled out their detective notebook where they wrote down the evidence they had and then what can they INFER from that evidence. 

THIS IS THE BEST PART! I gathered all of my detectives together and they shared their evidence! Group 1 shared that they had a packet of Ketchup from McDonalds, well group 2 and 3 are going crazy because they ALSO had something from McDonalds in their packet. Another group shared that they had  a box of movie theater candy, well the group that has the movie time print out is literally jumping up and down! The connections that the kids make between the different packs of evidence are simply SO MUCH FUN! 

Once everyone has shared the evidence we created a timeline of when we thought everything happened! It is interesting to hear the kiddos thoughts on why something would be at 12:00 instead of 12:15pm. Some of the times in the evidence are exact (for example the movie time), but most of the evidence they really have to think about. The students then each picked one event on the timeline to write and illustrate. 

Now we did this activity in August (it was 105 F), so I knew I needed to pay close attention to our classroom environment in order for this activity to really become an anchor moment for us! I sent home a note that the kids should wear "Wintry Day" clothes. I had hot chocolate cooking in the crock-pot, and Christmas music playing all day long. One of my kiddos told me that we should have decorated Christmas Cookies! I loved that idea and noted it for next year!

This activity has really become an anchor in our classroom. In guided reading I hear all the time "Use your detective skills" or remember when we had our "Snowy Day." Whenever I say the word "Inferring" students right away remember this special day and what they learned and the best part is they are able to APPLY their learning!

I hope you will link up with Show & Tell Tuesday! Can't wait to see what you have to share!


  1. I love that unit, I used it for my principal observation lesson - it was a huge hit with the kids and the principal.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. So much fun! I think I will use it every year, no matter the grade I am teaching! :) Hope you are having a super Saturday!