Friday, February 22, 2013

Spelling City Rocks! Web Site Review

There are so many apps out there and websites that require memberships it is hard to know what are the best ones for my classroom. Last year I came across SPELLING CITY. I used the free version for about three weeks in my classroom and fell in love! I purchased the Premium Membership at a cost of ONLY $49.00! I realize that you might think $49.00 OH MY, but let me tell you all that we have been able to do with our work work through Spelling City! 

 1) Spelling Lists:  I was able to upload ALL of my spelling lists for the ENTIRE year in about a three hour period! For me this was worth the entire $49.00 as I didn't have to worry about spelling lists for the entire school year! 

2) Word Work options are endless! We love Hang Mouse and Word-O-Rama ! There are many other activities that students can do with each of your OWN spelling word lists! Spelling City has also created their own lists! For example if your class is working on "ea words" you can import that list to your Spelling City account and VIOLA you have a whole slew of activities that your students can use (note you didn't have to do anything!)

3) Assignments can be created for the whole class, groups of students, and individual students. This feature allows me to  differentiate the learning my kiddos need, but also do it in a very organized and SIMPLE manner!

4) Spelling Tests! I love doing spelling tests through Spelling City! Reason #1-Students can take as much time as they need! Sometimes I feel that spelling tests are rushed, but in this case students are taking them individual and at their own pace. I have one student that finishes the test in 6 minutes whereas another student takes 16 minutes! Reason #2- The test is graded, RIGHT AWAY and students see their results. I have taught students how to take a screen shot of their test result and they email it to their parents! Reason #3-Save Trees! I think of the amount of weekly spelling tests I have given over my 15 years of teaching and just think of how many trees that is! Transition to using Spelling City is one simple way I can help the environment! (Please note I have just TWO IPADS in my classroom).

I asked my students about Spelling City and here is what they said...

"I like Spelling City because I can use it at home and at school!" 

"Spelling City has fun Word Work games to play!"

"I love HANG MOUSE on Spelling City!"

"I like taking spelling tests on Spelling City!"

I hope you will check out Spelling City! What are some of your GO TO APPS/Web Sites? 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's a Birthday Party Linky!

I love BIRTHDAYS! I love everything about them...from the cake, to the presents, to the decorations, to the laughter, to blowing out the candles. My dad was a huge BIRTHDAY person! I always felt like a princess on my birthday because of my dad! One year my best friend and I both received YEAR PASSES to Disneyland for our birthdays! Oh my what a great year that was! We would go at least twice a week! We knew the insides and outsides of D-land! My dad passed away when he was just 38 years old from complications of diabetes and heart issues, he didn't get to celebrate enough birthdays. I think one of the reasons why I love birthdays so much is because my dad didn't get to celebrate very many AND I want to live my life to the fullest and I want others to feel special on their day as well!
This is the reason why I am linking up with WHAT THE TEACHER WANTS Happy Birthday linky! Don't you just love this idea....
I have a class this year that needs a lot of specific examples of what KINDNESS looks like, feels like, and sounds likes! I started back in September with a Random Acts of Kindness unit! We have kept that up throughout the year. After the Sandy Hook tragedy the kids wanted to do RAKS for each person that passed away! One of our favorite RAKS we have done is our COFFEE CART (idea from LESSON PLANS SOS)
We had two coffee carts set up with coffee and hot chocholate along with some treats! Small groups of students went to each classroom and offered a cup of kindness to each teacher! Oh my goodness! The teachers LOVED it! It was such a suprise for them! We even had a few tears from teachers! Teachers asked if the coffee cart was coming out every Friday!
Natalie, I hope you have a super, wonderful birthday! What RAK do you have to share? Make sure you link up with What The Teacher Wants!