Sunday, March 31, 2013

Calling all Wichita State Fans! Go SHOCKS!

The great state of Kansas was pretty lucky to have THREE teams in March Madness! One team got knocked out right away! My beloved KU Jayhawks were knocked out on Friday night after an UGLY game! I might have cried a few tears! I know some of my students did!  Saturday night Wichita State University played and wow they were AMAZING! The last five minutes were a little nerve wracking, but they did it! WSU is going to the FINAL FOUR!  I am guessing schools across Kansas are going to be supporting the SHOCKERS this week! I created a simple little freebie using the AMAZING Ashley Hughes' clip art to help us all cheer on the SHOCKERS all week long! 

You can download the product for FREE here!  If you don't need this, but know a teacher at a Kansas school please forward it on to them! Thank You! 

Happy Week Friends! 

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