Saturday, March 9, 2013

KS Blogger & State Testing!

Happy Spring (fingers crossed) day to all! After being piled with snow for what seems WEEKS it is nice to hear the rain falling outside today and there is hope for a 70 degree day this next week!


 So I am a little late to this really cool linky party! I'm linking up with Fifth in the Middle for this fun linky. I am SO excited about the all of the Kansas Bloggers already linked up! I see visions of KS Bloggers Meet Ups in the near future! Link up your blog as well! 

This past week was STATE TESTING WEEK #1 in Third Grade! Oh Joy! Oh What Fun! OH NO! State Testing in third grade is such a big deal because they have NEVER taken a test of this magnitude before, there are lots of nerves, technology issues, and since tests don't match up to CCS YET it makes it a wee bit stressful for ME as well! We created a SMART COOKIE recipe from the lovely ladies at Lesson Plans SOS.

This is my favorite recipe that one of my third graders wrote!
I would love to take a test with a "cozy blanket and pillow!" 
This is the SMART COOKIE recipe that
we wrote as a class! 

Here is my Fast Finishers Board for State Testing 

My biggest challenge is always what to do with those fast finishers! You have some students that take 1 hour on the test and others than finish in 15 minutes. How do you keep them quiet, but working on things that MATTER! Well, I think I figured that out for my classroom! We are studying Ireland for two weeks, so everything that I set up for those fast finishers had to do with Ireland, thanks to Teachers Pay Teachers! 

 We went over the directions on Monday morning before testing started. I wanted to have a visual for the students so that they did not have to ask lots of questions while other friends where testing. 

I found some wonderful activities on Teachers Pay Teachers to help with the actual fast finishers work! 

A FUN creative writing activity from Rachelle Smith. This unit is
JAMMED pack full of tons of activities for St. Patricks Day!
I HEART Rachelle's work! 

I LOVE this critical thinking packet from Golden Rule Days

Chankyna  created this was a fun activity for the kids to do! 

My kiddos did VERY WELL with this format! It was easy for me to set up and the kids just fell right into the routines! I am looking forward to posting new assignments for this next week (and LAST WEEK of testing)! 

I hope your testing goes well! 

Oh and by the way....I simply ADORE Sweet Fonts from Sweet TImes in First Grade! My favorites are  "sweetseven" and "sweetsevenbigdots" which are what I USE all the time (and all of the posters above!) 


  1. Awesome! I would love a KS blogger meet up!

  2. ^Ditto! A Kansas meet up would be terrific!!

    We are gearing up to start those oh, so wonderful tests this week, too! What great early finisher activities for your kiddos!

    Teaching In Oz

  3. yahoo Gals! I will work on some details for that! :)

  4. I can't use this for state testing, but maybe for our weekly assessments!!