Monday, March 11, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted!

I love this linky that Flying into First Grade is doing...

The idea is sharing 3 things about yourself that you like or like to do using your initials.

My initials are CJRZ (oh I have a feeling that "Z" is going to be hard!) 

Favorite coffee from Guatemala!

Coffee!  Oh how I love my coffee! I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to my love of coffee! The interesting thing is that I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 30 years old. I backpacked through Guatemala one summer and all over the country you could get a cup of coffee and a sweet treat for $1.00 in the afternoons. I was on a tight budget and just couldn't pass it up! SO I started drinking coffee and just feel in love. In Guatemala coffee is a social drink. You drink it to be able to SHARE your life with someone. I so love that.

Just might have been a little windy on The Great Wall ...

Journeys!  I love taking a anywhere! Maybe a better word is ADVENTURE, but I had to stick with a "J" word!  I started my journeys when I was right out of college, I took a job teaching in Mexico and it was for one year. I figured I could do ANYTHING for one year. Well, I ended up staying for 10 years! I was able to travel all over Latin America and as well went to Europe several and made it to CHINA as well! I moved to Brazil for three years and got the blessing to travel to Buenos Aires (another Pinterest board!). I LOVE, LOVE Buenos Aires. I remember my good friend Kathy and I sitting down on a bench and planned out how we would live in BA one day...we had only been there for an hour! I love all that I learn as I travel...not only the history or language, but so much about people and perspective!  

Reading!  Such a teacher answer, I know! I LOVE reading! I remember growing up reading and loving all the books that I read. I use to HATE having to read from the basal readers. My brother bought me a Kindle for my birthday, two years ago, and I SO LOVE it. I love to read for fun, but lately I have been reading for information. One of my favorite new authors is Jen Hatmaker! She has written some amazing, thought provoking books, her words have really changed my life. My ALL TIME favorite author is Robin Jones Gunn. Robin's books are intertwined in my teen years through now! A few years ago I got to meet her! Oh my goodness, I was SO excited, I couldn't sleep the night before. Robin's words have made such an amazing impact on me, she writes fiction books, but she gets what life is like and how Jesus can make such an impact on us. Honestly, Robin's books are, at times, my best friends. 

This represent Gezellig for could you not want to love this
little one. (Haiti, 2012) 

GeZelligI know I cheated a little bit, but I seriously couldn't think of a word that started with "Z'! Gezellig is my ONE WORD for the year! I wrote about it at the end of December. 
"Gezellig is the warmth of a fire in winter, sharing a blanket with a friend on the couch, and wrapping your fingers around a hot coffee.  Being gezellig was the ever sought after goal of my parents and all their friends during my childhood." -Jillian Burden. 
 You can read all about it here!   What I have learned is that it is not EASY, you have to be truly intention in order to have the Gezellig moments, especially for a single gal like myself. I live by myself, so I am not always around people, sometimes I prefer to just hang out at my house, so I have to make the connections and put forth the effort.  (Oh I do have another Pinterest board!) I am trying and learning lots in the process! 

Well, I hope you will join in on the linky fun! I would love to get to know you better! 


  1. I love your z and the cute little one in your picture!

  2. I love your post and I think your "z" word is very appropriate!!!

    Mrs. B's Nook