Friday, May 31, 2013

Five for Friday!

I love Five for Friday! I am excited that since I am on summer break I will actually be able to post for this awesome linky! 

1.  SUMMER Dinner with Friends....

Sorry for the dark picture...this is the clean up pic! 

I love having people over for dinner! I love planning out the menu, I love setting the table, I love the conversations, I love sitting at the table and drinking coffee and just talking. I also love the clean-up. I love thinking about how the food worked together, I make notes for the next dinner, I revisit the conversations, I just love it all! I am thrilled that it is summer time and I can actually have people over every week! 

2. Getting ready for China 

I am heading off on a summer adventure July 4-August 6! I am heading to China! I am going to be teaching in a summer program for middle school students! We get to travel all over China! I love to travel and I love to research before I go, so I will start blogging about what I learn and then of course blog from China! I can't wait! 

I know this sounds crazy, but I love finding a new cleaning supply! I LOVE the new Windex Touch-Up product! It makes cleaning up the bathroom SO DARN EASY! 

4. Summer Reading 

I love a good book. I love all kinds of books! I am looking forward to digging into these books over the summer! 

5. Running towards a 10K 

Last spring I started running and I ran in two 5K races. I loved it so much! Then summer came and it was too hot, I was moving to a new home, and the excuses built up. This summer I promised myself that I would start running again. I am on Week one, Day 3 of Couch Potato to 10K. Fingers crossed! 

I hope you will check out the rest of the links for Five for Friday! 

Happy Weekend! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun In The Sun Linky

I am joining my friend Tamara for her weekly FUN IN THE SUN linky party! 

We have been out of school for ONE WEEK! How did that happen? It went by SO FAST! Last Thursday I woke up at 5 AM so I could get to school and get all of the last minute, last day of school projects done! Today I woke up at 9:00 am, made some coffee, and am sitting at my nice comfy couch still in my pjs! I.LOVE.SUMMER.

My FUN so far has been all about these little birdies! 

I have watched them from eggs, hatch, and now mama bird is feeding them. I am guessing in the next week they are going to learn how to fly! I just love them! 

I have been working a lot in my garden! This is the FIRST year I have had a garden and I am so enjoying it! I planted lettuce, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, rosemary, and mint. This was my lunch yesterday...
Best lettuce EVER
I am moving to a new school in the fall, so part of closing down the school year was moving all of my stuff to my new school. We packed up everything and on Saturday morning in ONE HOUR this amazing crew moved it all. It took one truck, one mini van, and two cars, but we did it! 

My awesome friends who helped move everything! 

I hope you have a lovely summer week! Make sure you check out all of the FUN IN THE SUN posts!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday!

I always love writing the FIVE FOR FRIDAY post as I love being able to pick out some of the great moments from the week! It helps me to realize that even after having a rough week there are many, many great moments that I did have! 

My awesome teacher friends and I headed to Wichita (about an hour away) right after school on Tuesday! Our mission was to go to the Scholastic Warehouse Book Sale! OH MY! So glad that we did! Everything was 50% and then if you spent $100 (really $200) you would get $25 off! So I purchased $200 worth of books for my classroom library for only $75.00! Yahoo! I am moving to a 4th-5th loop next year so the new books were a necessity! 

We worked on Mothers/Grandmothers day projects all week! The students make a bouquet of flower using piper cleaners, colorful paper, tissue paper and ribbon! The students traced their hands to make the lilies  I LOVE, LOVE how the bouquet turned out! I saw this idea on Pinterest, of course! 

We also used Lesson Plans SOS Mother's Day Portrait product for the front of our cards! On the inside of our cards we wrote all about our moms using the graphic organizers found in this awesome product: Oh Momma  Since I was all adventurous we all so made the amazing Homemade Lemon Scrub that is featured in this product. I have sugar all of our my classroom, but it was worth it! I found the cutest little pedicure kits at Target (Dollar Spot!) to add to the scrub for the moms! Each kiddo went home with a writing piece, lemon sugar scrub, and a bouquet of flowers for their mom or grandma! 

We celebrated the Kentucky Derby last Friday using Abby Mullins AMAZING, WONDERFUL, AWESOME, SO MUCH FUN product! I took lots of pictures last Friday, but this one is my favorite! I looked up from my Guided Reading table and four of my boys were wearing their Kentucky Derby hats and  watching the derby from 1973!! "Go Number 2!" "Go Number 8!"  It was amazing all the learning that took place! We read non-fiction text, we learned about horses, we brushed up on our probability skills, and the list goes on and on! 

This has NOTHING to do with school, but I LOVE, LOVE sushi! There is no place in my tiny town that serves sushi! :(  Last Friday I got to go have sushi with my parents an hour away and then TODAY I get to go as well, this time on a date! So even if the date is a bust, I still get to have some sushi!  

Do you not just love this? My friend Crystal from The Library Fox is making these special graphics! Every time I see it, it just makes me smile! Especially the Thirty-One bag! Today I carried in THREE bags! If you have a chance check out Crystal's store! She has the most amazing Chevron Letters ever! 

Special thanks to Pink Cat studio for the adorable frames that I used throughout this blog post! JUST love them! They make me so happy! 

Well friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Only 9 1/2 days of school left! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fabulous Feedback: A Linky Party

One of my favorite bloggers EVER, Christina Brainbridge is hosting a fun linky party to get us all in the mood for the awesome TPT sale on Tuesday and Wednesday!

As a TPT seller there is NOTHING better than really thoughtful feedback comment on a product that you have worked really hard on. I LOVE giving "Fabulous Feedback" to TPT sellers who just work their heart out on their products! Honestly, I am such a better teacher because of teaching blogs & TPT!

I posted my first product at the end of March! I was (and still am) so excited about it and the journey that this first step will take me on! Do you know that when you sell a product on TPT that your phone will CHA-CHING! YEP, it is the BEST SOUND EVER! The first time it happened  I didn't know what it was and then I looked at my phone and realized I HAD SOLD A PRODUCT! I clicked on my store and here is what I found...

I about fell off the couch! Rachelle (What The Teacher Wants)  is one of the kindest people EVER! I actually got to meet her a few months ago at a SDE conference!  I adore her, I adore her blog, and I adore every single one of her products!

So THANK YOU AGAIN Rachelle for your kindness! 

Hope you will check out my product here! Happy, Happy SHOPPING! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to EVERYONE! 

I am so blessed to have had amazing teachers in my life! 

It all started with Mrs. R in Kindergarten! I got a bunny for Easter that year and yep...I named HIM Mrs. R!  
In 5th grade it was Mrs. Ball! Oh how I adored her! She signed up to be the teacher in space on the Challenger  I will always remember the day the Challenger exploded. She wheeled in a TV  and we talked about what happened and we journaled our thoughts and feelings.
 In high school it was all about Mr. Craig Johnson! Dr. J IS the best Social Studies teacher ever! When I finally made it to Italy (10 years after I was in his WOrld History Class), I took my notes from his class with me! 
Yesterday I attended a retirement celebration for Dr. Marilyn Kimbrel. Lovingly known as Dr. K to everyone at McPherson College! Dr. K was my adviser during my Teacher Edu program almost 22 years ago!  I am the teacher I am today because of Dr. K's patient tutelage during those wonderful methods classes!

One of my favorite bloggers Jen Hatmaker has written an amazing THANK YOU to teachers everywhere! I hope you will check it out here! 

In honor of each and everyone of you Teachers Pay Teachers is having a HUGE sale on May 7 and May 8! The discounts are up to 28% off! I hope that you will load up your cart with some fun end of the year products, some products to start off the new school year, or just somethings YOU HAVE TO HAVE! 

Don't you just love this! My friend Beth at 
Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs made it! 

I love the 15 Journal Writing Prompts product in my TPT store!  I am so proud of these journal prompts! Please check it out! After the discount the cost is just $1.60! You can't beat that! 

My kiddos love them as well! We have such great discussion about the quotes and I feel like I really get to know my students thoughts and ideas AND also dreams through the journal reflections! 

Enjoy the TPT shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday! I am moving to 4th grade in the fall so my cart is FULL TO THE BRIM with products! Can't wait! 

Happy Day Teachers!