Friday, August 2, 2013

Teachers Notebook Daily Deals! AUGUST 2 ONLY! :)

I am SO excited to let you know that my newest creation 

is on Teachers Notebook 40% Daily Deals TODAY-AUGUST 2! You can pick up this packet for only $2.10!  

I created this proudct all last year with my third grade kiddos! I love to cook with my kids, but we didn't have a kitchen that we could use at school. So I brought my trusty crock pot in and every month we made something and then we wrote about what we did! 

This packet is for the fall months! 

Each month their a step-by-step recipe to follow 

Each month there is a different writing activity to go along with the recipe that was made!
This story wheel is for the other kids, but there is another included for the younger kids (with pictures). 

You will also find writing paper templates for each month! 

You can't beat this deal! Head on over to Teachers Notebook and pick up this creative writing product today! 

Thanks so much! Photobucket

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