Saturday, November 2, 2013

Easy Daysies Giveaway!

I was so excited when Creative Teaching Press contacted me about reviewing their newest product Easy Daysies!
I have to tell you that it couldn't have been better timing for me to receive the packet from them! The day before I was in a meeting about one of my kiddos. One of the plans of action was to create a visualize schedule for this student. I had started working on creating the schedule  and then I opened up the Easy Daysies Classroom Schedule Packet.

PICTURE! VISUALIZE! HMMMM I wonder if this would work for my student? (and for other students!)

I checked in with our Resource Teacher and he said to give it a try.

It has been AMAZING! My student comes in about 10 minutes early each day and helps me set up the schedule for the day. As we do that we are able to talk about the day, any changes to our normal schedule, and as well discuss when his break times could be. Not only does this help him visualize his day, it also helps him to focus on HELPING out his classmates. He loves that feeling!

The rest of the class loves the schedule as well because it is clear, organized, and so easy to see! The Classroom Schedule Packet comes with plenty of options including some blank cards to personalize your school day!

 I don't have any kiddos of my own, but I am a licensed foster care parent so I was excited to set up the Easy Daysies Schedule at my home so that when kids come to stay at my home they know what the expectations are. Things are different at each foster home the kids go to, so this visual reminder helps everyone out so much!  The kiddos that tried it out last weekend loved checking off what they had completed, it was almost like it was a game for them!  Which is a WIN-WIN for me!

There are SO many different options with this scheduling packet including the Starter Kit, Chores, and Special Times.

Our awesome friends at Creative Teaching Press have given me the chance to raffle off an Every Day Starter Kit! Love them! All you need to do is LIKE the Creative Teaching Press Facebook page! How easy is that?
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I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend!

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