Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Week of Football Fun!

I have a group of kiddos that are PRETTY excited about the SUPERBOWL that is coming up this next Sunday! I promised the kiddos if we finished up all of our projects then I would plan out a FOOTBALL lesson plans throughout this next week. 
 The kids were up for the challenge! 
SO here is my round up of some wonderful products that we will be doing this next week. I.CAN'T.WAIT! 

Okay let's get started!

Who doesn't love a FREE writing packet from Clutter-Free Classroom. I love Jodi's products and use them on a weekly basis! My kids are going to FLIP that they get to write out any aspect of football this next week. Last year I had kiddos that chose to write about SUPERBOWL SNACKS! I thought that was hilarious! Others wanted to write about the teams, while others wrote about what it is like to be at a football game. This packet has so many pages so that you can differentiate so easily!  It is truly one of my favorite products! Check it out here! 

 Up next is the PERFECT bulletin board packet! I was SO excited when I discovered this product a couple of years ago! I actually have every single one of "A Cupcake for the Teacher" craft products. I changed this one up a little bit this year. We actually made these this past Friday. Some of you may know that our beloved PE teacher was in a serious car accident the first day of Christmas break. Mrs. Stockman is still in a coma (five weeks later), but is making progress! She ate some chocholate ice cream the other day! Well, Mrs. Stockman is a HUGE Denver Broncos FAN. SO we made all of ours in Denver Bronco colors and instead of a writing piece on who we think will win the big game, we wrote a note to Mrs. Stockman, "4Z Loves Mrs. Stockman!"  We are going to mail all of these awesome wishes to her on Monday! 

 This is a new product I found and I can't wait to use it this week! At this point in the year our spelling routines are a bit boring! I am so excited to  CHANGE IT UP this with the kiddos. I am guessing we are going to all get 100% on our test this week!

 I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait to pull out this center for my kids this week! They are going to have a blast! Who doesn't love NACHOS! In this activity students are picking different cards to build their nachos. There are SO many ways to play this amazing center. You can give students a certain amount of money to spend to build their plate of nachos. You can limit the amount of toppings they can buy. You can let them build the biggest plate of nachos they can! Every time they play it is a DIFFERENT result! The great thing is that each time you are working with money, addition, subtraction, and even some multiplication! Top Secret! On Friday I am going to actually have the REAL nacho ingredients that go with the cards! The students will use the center as normal, but then I will pull out the REAL stuff! I can't wait!
 How perfect is this Main Idea and Summary unit from the amazing Lindsay Flood at Primary Polka Dots! I LOVE this unit! Included are all kinds of sports fun, so I will just pull out the football articles and worksheets to use! My kids won't even know they are LEARNING! As a side-note if you have not checked out Lindsay's CLOSE READING packets... GO DO IT NOW! They are AMAZING!

Last up are these just wonderful math task cards! I LOVE that they use college teams! How great to "talk college" with my kiddos throughout this activity!

I can't wait to come back on Friday and share pics of our week! What is your favorite football activity to do with your kiddos?

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