Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blogging with Literature Circles!

A couple of weeks ago I came across a pretty spectacular blog post from "Where The Wild Things Learn" blog! The blog post was on Blogging with Literature Circles. She pretty much had me with the title! You can click on her blog button to go to the post!

I have a group  of very energetic 4th graders and they also are excellent readers. They can pretty much read anything they want. We have been working all year about deepening our understand of the text and using evidence from the text to support our ideas. 

Back in January we read "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe."  When the students learned that C.S. Lewis and J.R. Tolkien were friends they decided they wanted to read "The Hobbit." Oh my! I was just not sure about that. I told them I would think about it, but I just wasn't sure. I knew that I needed to find an engaging way to discuss this very challenging book. 

Blogging + Literature Circles Format = ANSWER I NEEDED

I love literature circles. I love that students have assigned jobs and that they are accountable to each other. BUT I knew that we needed to dig in deep with our learning and discussion with this book. Adding the idea of BLOGGING was just what we needed. 

As Amelia suggests we are using to house our blogs. This site is SAFE. You even have to give parents a code to have access to JUST their child's blog. I like the format of Kidblog as well. My students were able to create their blogs within about 30 minutes. 

Part of the security measures on Kidblog is that the teacher has to approve ALL comments and posts. When I checked my email that first night I had 250 comments/posts to approve! The kids went CRAZY. They were SO and ARE so motivated by this approach. 
I am so excited about this journey that we are taking! I let it slip a few days early about the idea of blogging and the kids were so excited and also came with a million and one questions. We are on day two of this adventure and I FEEL so energized by it all. I can't wait until tomrorow when we can sit down and discussion Chapter 1. They were assigned a "Think and Respond" blog post for tonight over chapter 1. I am confident that this approach will take a very high level book and just provide us with a lot of discussion points! 
Which template do I use? What do I name my blog? The kids all hand to answer these questions and more!

I love this foto! You can see the kids helping each other create their blogs!

I look forward to posting about our journey over the next three weeks! I am already trying to figure out how to incoprate blogs into my classroom in all areas next year! I loop up to 5th grade with my kids, I think they would be so excited to continue this journey! 
THANKS SO MUCH to Amelia for this amazing TPT product. I love this product SO MUCH that I would like to giveaway two copies! Comment on how you use or would like to use technology in your classroom! I will pick two winners on Monday! 



  1. I am SO glad that your kiddos are loving this! Mine have been OBSESSED with blogging and get so excited to do it everyday. I love logging in and seeing that there are SO many comments for me to approve, especially when half the time it's all extra work! It truly is an amazing, motivational new learning experience! :) Thanks for sharing, friend!


  2. THANK YOU so much Amelia! :) I am SO thankful for you....thanks for answering all of my questions! : )

  3. I would love to win this packet! I use technology a little in my third grade classroom but I am always looking for a way to use it more! I think this would do wonders for my students typing abilities! Right now I mainly use technology for whole group activities such as brain pop videos and GoNoodle. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  4. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for stopping by! Don't you just LOVE GONoodle! I think it is a BRILLIANT site! :)