Saturday, April 19, 2014

Five For Friday!

It's Friday! I am joining many blogging friends across the globe with the traditional Five for Friday post! The idea is to post five random things about your week! 

Have you heard about Destination Imagatinon? It is an amazing program that promotes problem solving, teamwork, and creativity. This past weekend was the Kansas State DI tournament. These girls took home the 1st place trophy for the Improvisation Challenge! 
The girls had to: - Create an original five-minute Improvisational Skit
- Develop the interaction between a character from the past and a contemporary character.
- Show how those characters work, using the time period, their occupations and skills, to deal with Pandemonium.
- Use stage makeup to create, develop, and/or enhance one skit character.

 I am SO proud of these girls! Four of them have been part of DI for three years and they just get stronger each year in this challenge! We are heading to GLOBAL FINALS in Knoxville, TN the last week of May! 

 This year 4th Graders in our district have been SO BLESSED with some pretty amazing field trips! This past week we went to the Hutchinson Cosmsophere and spent the ENTIRE day there! We took a tour of the Rocket Museum! We actually got to see REAL spacecrafts and just hear some amazing stories about space. We also got to build a rocket and LAUNCH THEM! At the very end they actually launched a TRASH CAN up in the was priceless! 

It was my birthday this week and this sweet little one made me the CUTEST sign ever! I LOVE all things chevron and Natalie knows that! She also gave me a big old bottle of glitter! Glitter is a bad word in our classroom since SOMEONE knocked it all over the floor and then forgot to tell Miss Z about it. It ended up in ALL parts of the school! I told the kids that NO GLITTER until 5th Grade (I get to loop with these kiddos up to 5th grade next year)! They love teasing me about glitter! I just love moments when you can tease and laugh with your kiddos. 

ME, JEN HATMAKER, and my dear friend Wendy

#43 on my BUCKET LIST got crossed off! I got to hang out with Jen Hatmaker! Oh how amazing this woman is! Jen is the author of books such as SEVEN and INTERRUPTED and just the kind of person I want to be! We had a wonderful women's conference. I got to be the person that picked her up from the airport. I was SO excited about friends kept teasing me about how I would react when I saw her! So much so that my dear friend Zach sent this text...

I just might be a pretty huge fan of Jen! It truly was a dream for me to meet her. Her words and her life have greatly impacted my life over the past few years. You should check out her blog at 

 Friday was a perfect day! Starbucks with Ellie, shopping, and Olive Garden for lunch. The best part was that Ellie had never had an Olive Garden bread-stick before...she was in LOVE. 

Happy Day Friends! I hope you will check out all of the links over at Dooddle Bugs!