Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bright Ideas for the Classroom: Simple IPAD Charging Station

Happy Day to You All! 
I am excited join in on the Bright Ideas party this month!

I have been fortunate to get IPADS from three different Donor Choose projects. When I had two or three it was easy to get them charged and know where the cords were….but when I acquired three more it become a challenge! 

The Technology Coordinator for my building came to the rescue! He brought in a file folder stand and power strip! 

This has made such a different for my kids and I! IPADS all go back to the same place! They are ALWAYS charged, which means we can use them RIGHT WHEN WE NEED TO ACCESS THEM!

Super simple idea, but I hope it will help you and your kiddos! 
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  1. This is GENIUS! I love it! SO simple, yet so clever. I'm totally going to use this for both Chromebook and iPad charging stations. I have a couple of different (currently unused) file organization stands and will set them up tomorrow. LOVE!! Thanks for sharing.
    It's Elementary, My Dear!

    1. YEAH! I am so happy that this is useful for you!! It truly has made my life a bit easier!!

      :) Carmen

  2. I love those cases... what kind are they?

    Jennifer with Simply Kinder

    1. Hi Jennifer! YES these cases are AWESOME! We tried out several different ones, but LOVE theses! Got them off of Amazon! They are called BUDDIBOX