Friday, August 28, 2015

Classroom Room Reveal Part 1 & a Giveaway!

Welcome Back to School Friends! 
I am so excited to share with you my classroom-my home away from home for this school year! Last year I spent a ton of time revamping my classroom. This year I had some tweaks to make, based on how things worked last year, but I did keep the same color scheme and patterns! 

I have been researching a lot about light and colors and comfy chairs this summer. I tend to work better if I go to Starbucks. I like the big tables, the comfy chairs, the dim lights, and of course the Venti Iced Coffee. I wondered if my kids would work better in this type of environment, well minus the iced coffee!

I went to garage sales and found lamps and I just quickly spray painted them! I was able to find some additional comfy seating from pillows to chairs. I still have desks, but I am in the process of writing a grant to get more forms of alternative seating and hopefully say good-bye to most of the desks!

I am so blessed to have a BIG classroom and only have 20 kiddos this year! I know! I know! I hope that when they walked in on that first day they felt PEACE and HAPPINESS and that this is a SAFE SPACE.

I will share with you some of my favorite spaces in #4Z this year! 

 I love so much this quote my Kid President! This quote is right away our focus board! We see it everyday! My hope is that we all will do just this! I used the amazing chevron designer letters from Creative Teaching Press. Oh I love theses letters!  

 I love the chevron BIG library pockets! I am using this year to house our Daily Five reflection sheets and centers! I teamed them up with Daily Five signs from Rachelle at What The Teacher Wants. I just LOVE the mason jar cut out as well! It is just so darling! 

When I saw the Painted Palette Social Media Motivators Headlines in the Creative Teaching Press catalog in May I KNEW that I had to have them! My teaching partner and I developed our entire classroom theme around # because of these headlines! We our the #FantasticFourthGrade! I just love how their are so many colors in the signs! I teamed it with a fun lime green border. This space is a CHALK BOARD! AHHHHH! I bought some of the dry erase sticky paper and made each end of the chalk board into a dry erase border! It has been WONDERFUL to have the extra writing space!  

 I love so much the Inspire-U posters! Teamed up with the wavy borders and chalkboard on polka-dots you have a WINNING combination! I love the POP of the wavy border! Just love this bulletin board so much! 

 I love these posters from Top Dog Teacher and the social media headline was just a perfect fit with this section in my room! 

 I think this is my most favorite bulletin board ever! I made this last year, but I just couldn't take it down! I love the flowers, I love the chevron, I love the quote. It is just perfect!

Congrats to Creative Teaching Press on their 50th Year! Just feel blessed to be able to showcase some of their amazing products with each and everyone of you!

So there is my classroom! I will be back to talk about some of the new organizational sections are working and if I am actually able to go #deskless! 

What is your favorite Creative Teaching Press product and why? Comment in the section and I will use number generator to pick a comment and send you a $15 gift card! Giveaway ends on Tuesday evening (Sept 2-15)

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